Hurricane insurance tips offered to Texas homeowners

Hurricane insurance Isaac 2012

The season for these massive tropical storm reaches its official start on June 1, so preparations should be underway.

As the official summer storm season gets going on June 1, hurricane insurance tips are now being issued to homeowners in Texas in order to help them to ensure that they have the coverage that they need and that they will be properly prepared to protect themselves and their families.

The Insurance Department has issued a checklist to make sure that appropriate coverage is in place.

On the checklist, some of the top tips include ensuring that hurricane insurance is indeed present and that it is adequate for this year’s needs. Homeowners are being advised to review their policies so that they understand what is and is not covered, and what limits are in place. These tips have also been issued to commercial property owners. The hope is that these policyholders will be able to make any necessary changes to their policies ahead of time, as changes made after a storm has been named will typically not apply to that storm.

The best time to review and update hurricane insurance is before the season gets started.

Hurricane insurance Isaac 2012Many homeowners and commercial property owners feel that because they do already have property insurance, then they don’t have anything to worry about. However, when they haven’t looked into their coverage in a while, then they may have forgotten about changes in costs to replace damaged portions of their property, particularly if any home improvements or building renovations have been made or of property values have increased since the last time the policy was reviewed.

It is very important for a policyholder to know the limits of a policy and for applicable changes and adjustments to be made. This also provides the opportunity to ask questions to a policy issuer or an insurance agent, while things are still calm. It is far better to have these answers before a claim needs to be made, as it makes it easier to reach the agent or insurance company, and if it turns out that updates are required based on the answers that are received, then it won’t be too late to do so.

Among the most important hurricane insurance tips to be taken from those issued in Texas is to begin sooner, rather than later.

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