Hurricane insurance companies begin their responses to the damage

hurricane insurance companies

Following the devastation Hurricane Matthew left behind on the east coast, insurers are now responding to claims.

Hurricane insurance companies are now responding to the thousands of claims they received as a result of Hurricane Matthew. These property damage claims occurred when the storm slammed its way across the bottom portion of the East Coast.

Hurricane Matthew left its mark on states along the coast from Florida right through to Virginia.

Damage was extensive in central Florida. That said, it wasn’t nearly as great as predictions had suggested. The area suffering the largest impact may have been the central region of Florida. That area experienced considerable flooding.

In that state, there have already been 4,710 property and auto claims through State Farm alone, at the time of the writing of this article. That number is certain to rise over coming days. In Georgia, the insurer received 2,900 claims, with South Carolina generating 5,460 and North Carolina saw 4,290. Those figures are certain to increase as more hurricane insurance companies report their figures.

Hurricane insurance companies are expecting a larger number of claims to come in over the next while.

hurricane insurance companiesThe largest problems were caused by the wind from Hurricane Matthew, as well as water damage and fallen trees, branches and power lines. According to State Farm spokeswoman for Florida, North Carolina and Virginia, Michal Brower, “Claims started coming in immediately for Florida and grew every day.” Brower also added that “We expect those numbers to grow as people return home and survey their property and vehicles for damage, especially in the areas that are still seeing active flooding.”

Catastrophe response teams from the insurance company were mobilized from all across the country, said Brower. She pointed out that they were already bringing in additional insurance claims people to all states affected by the storm as soon as the first wind and rains started to arrive.

Other hurricane insurance companies such as Country Financial have also said that they have been handing an increased number of claims along the East Coast ever since the storm arrived. That company received over 1,300 auto and property claims from Georgia, though other stats from that company were not yet made available.

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