How safe is Kinesis money?

what is Kinesis money

Crypto assets attract users due to the fact that they are not regulated by centralized authorities and national governments. For this reason, they operate autonomously, are better protected against inflation, and require minimal transaction fees.

Until now, most crypto-assets have been based on computing technology and production capacity, and it is these factors that have been embedded in the price of coins. However, when we talk about Kinesis crypto, its value is backed by real assets in the form of gold and silver. The foundation of precious metals makes kinesis an attractive investment option and a practical alternative to the gold and silver bars that no one pays for in the store. At the same time, the user of kinesis money still receives a digital asset in his wallet, and not a piece of precious metal, so the question of the safety of working with this asset remains relevant.

what is Kinesis money

Kinesis crypto: how safe is it?

Emirex is a platform that accepts kinesis money and allows transactions with it. So, the preliminary conclusion is that you are dealing with a reliable cryptocurrency that is already in demand and popular. The prevalence of kinesis crypto is growing, and this signals the trust of traders, investors, and ordinary users.

Kinesis Currencies is founded by ABX, which already has an extensive infrastructure for exchange and trading, as well as guarantees the safe custody of physical gold and silver bullion. The exchange rate corresponds to the price of precious metals, so it is easy for coin owners to track their value and predict changes in the market.

Confirmation of platform security

  • The Kinesis site has many positive reviews on independent resources. It has an external verification system and asks for consent to cookies.
  • The platform is protected by a valid SSL certificate.
  • Independent checks of the site have shown that the site meets DNS Filter’s security standards and does not contain potentially dangerous programs.

The currencies themselves are protected by a real-life fund spread over 7 separate branches, for an adequate level of security and to reduce the potential risk of the bullion being lost or stolen.

Considering that both Kinesis money itself and the owner’s site are safe, you can safely use Kinesis cryptocurrencies at your own discretion and invest in this asset without hindrance.

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