Horse insurance sales rise with cost of veterinary care

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As medical services become increasingly expensive, especially for emergency calls, coverage is appealing.

Over the last few years, pretty much everything has become considerably more expensive, and this includes the cost of veterinary care for horses, resulting in a growing interest in horse insurance coverage.

Medical coverage for the animals can help to keep emergency veterinary calls affordable.

Owners are increasingly choosing to purchase horse insurance coverage for their animals in order to protect their investment and make sure that they don’t need to face a time when it would be too expensive to keep the animal alive.

Horse Insurance - Medical care

According to agent Loretta Waltner as quoted in a recent AG Update report, there has been a substantial rise in the number of clients she has with this type of coverage. In fact, it has increased by between 20 and 30 percent over the last few years.

“There has definitely been an increase in people taking out insurance to help cover their investment,” said Waltner. “We see this in other industries like dogs, show cattle and big performance bulls, and now it’s growing for everyday horse owners, as well.”

The price of the animals themselves is rising, making horse insurance an important investment protection.

The price tag associated with animals is rapidly rising, to the point that it’s simply out of the question for many owners to risk paying a great deal more or even losing everything because of the need for an emergency veterinary visit.

Owners are paying tens of thousands of dollars for their purchases and don’t want to risk having the animals get sick or die. With a policy, they can mitigate this risk. This is particularly true because mule, donkey and horse insurance can cover mortality as well as colic (for which a surgery could cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 per incident) and other conditions, including those that would require veterinary care in the case of an emergency. Coverage can also be purchased to cover against performance disabilities or infertility in stallions.

This type of policy can help owners to save thousands of dollars per incident in cases where veterinary care is needed.

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