Homeowners insurance from Frontline moves into Delaware

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The company has just announced its licensing expansion into the state for coastal property coverage.

One of the leading coastal homeowners insurance companies in the United States has just announced that its expansion is continuing and that this now includes licensing to sell its policies in Delaware.

This will add one more option for property owners in the state and will help to boost competition.

According to the president of the insurer, “Coastal coverage for homeowners is a primary focus for us. Delaware has shown continued growth in its beach communities, making this area a natural fit for our business.” Porter went on to say that “With over 54 percent of America’s population living within 50 miles of a coast, and more moving closer every day, we’re optimistic about continued geographic expansion for Frontline Homeowners Insurance.”

Homeowners Insurance RatesThe homeowners insurance that will be offered includes a number of unique features from the insurer.

For instance, the insurer has pointed out that the homeowners insurance that it is bringing to Delaware will include its Contractors Assist Program. This is a unique feature within the industry. It provides the opportunity to policyholders to manage the complete restoration of their home, from the point that they make a claim regarding covered damage that has occurred, right through to the completion of the repairs or replacement.

The licensing for the insurer has now been entirely completed in Delaware, which will mean that the company will begin to ready its homeowners insurance for consumers there. It is now starting the process of determining the specifications for coverage, as well as the timing for the release of its programs. At the moment, it is projecting the availability of its programs by the end of this year.

Frontline is a homeowners insurance company that is based in Lake Mary, Florida. It is a group of independent insurers that serve property owners throughout the south eastern states of the country. Its primary focus is covering homes on properties that are in coastal regions and providing policies as well as services that cater to the specific needs of consumers in those areas.