Homeowners insurance customers in Alberta applaud sewer backup coverage

Homeowners flood Insurance

Some insurers have had a change of heart and are now covering the damage that they previously had refused.

Some homeowners customers finally have a reason to feel good after having suffered from massive flooding in Alberta, Canada, as certain insurers have had a change of heart and are now saying that they will cover damage resulting from backed up sewers.

Previously, insurers had stated that they would not provide this coverage as it was not a part of the policies.

Claims had even been denied when homeowners insurance customers filed them for damage caused by sewers backing up as a result of the flooding. But now, certain insurers have decided to provide the coverage after all. This relief was desperately needed by families throughout the flood ravaged area.

Homeowners Insurance and floodIn fact, the payments for these reconsidered homeowners insurance have frequently already been made.

Many homeowners insurance customers have been frustrated with the reluctance or refusal of their insurers to pay claims that have been made relating to the sewer backup that occurred after the heavy rains and flooding washed over the region in June. One of the greatest frustrations was the vast inconsistencies that were experienced.

People reported that different home insurance companies treated people in the same number very differently, even though the language within the policies was comparable. The primary issue of contention had to do with the backed up sewers and the damage that they caused. This is because the insurers held the right to deny a claim if there was evidence that the reason the sewers backed up was flooding related in either a direct or indirect way.

Though the changes in the coverage have not been implemented by all homeowners insurance companies in this area, those policyholders that have been provided with this relief are grateful that at least some have come around. Some insurers have also reported that they are working with their customers in order to assist them in obtaining additional government aid when the losses are not insured. They have also said that they are willing to send adjusters out for a second look in cases when customers feel that they have not been treated in a fair way.

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