Holiday pet insurance survey reveals spending explosion

holiday Pet Insurance

Petplan has released the results of its research, which have shown that furry friends celebrate Christmas, too.

According to the results of a holiday pet insurance survey that was conducted by Petplan, the majority of animal companion owners would be buying gifts and other Christmas related products for their beloved fuzzy friends to make sure that they aren’t left out of the season’s celebrations.

The survey included the participation of 5,385 people who owned cats, dogs, and other animals.

holiday Pet Insurance What this holiday pet insurance research revealed was that the average animal owner was buying gifts for their furry buddy this season. In fact, 76 percent of the survey participants said that they intended to buy something for their four legged friend, including anything from treats to new toys, or from agility classes to cat condos. In fact, it was even reported that one pooch would be included in its family’s travel plans abroad.

The holiday pet insurance insight revealed a notable increase in spending compared to last year.

The survey showed that 78 percent of owners were matching the amount that they had spent the year before, but almost 13 percent were spending more than they did in 2012. This is the second year in a row that 53 percent said that they were spending between $15 and $50 on their animals. That said, a considerable 15 percent said that they were spending more than $75.

Santa didn’t forget good little girls and boys just because they were furrier than the human variety. Eighty five percent of pets were receiving at least two presents. Among them, 21.5 percent of those lucky animals were getting five or more gifts.

When discussing the holiday pet insurance survey, the co-CEO and co-founder of Petplan, Natasha Ashton, said that “It’s often said that it is in giving that we receive, and as pet parents, we long to share that holiday spirit with our four-legged family members.” She added that the experience of watching their own two dogs and the thrill that they feel over a new treat or toy that they receive is a wonderful feeling. She said that “it’s hard to say who is enjoying it more – us, or them! And the memories we share of those times are truly priceless.”

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