Highest concentration of fatalities from accidents lies in just five states

Fatal Accident Statistics 2011A recent CDC study reveals the real cost of fatality accidents across the United States. The total number counts all 50 states; however, ten of the fifty states are responsible for at least half of the grand total. Thirty thousand fatality accidents a year across the U.S. adds up to a 41 billion dollar loss.

Fatality accidents are very difficult for families and friends to deal with; and the economic toll is staggering. Fatalities cost each state hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions. The economic losses are from medical costs and work loss costs such as wage and productivity costs.  

There are other economic impacts that a fatality accident has on a community or state also. This would include administrative expenses, vehicle damage, property damage and employer’s uninsured costs.  Even though one year of loss across the U.S. adds up to 41 billion dollars; ten states alone, are responsible for half of that amount.

Administrative expenses include the costs of public and private insurance, and police and legal costs. Employer’s uninsured costs refer to the estimate of the uninsured costs sustained by the employer for uninjured workers investigating and reporting injuries, training replacement workers and giving first aid.

The States with the highest medical and work related losses from fatality accidents are; California, with a total of 4.1 billion dollars; Texas, with 3.5 billion dollars in loss, and Florida, with 3.1 billion in losses. Georgia and Pennsylvania had costs of 1.55 billion and 1.52 billion, respectively.

North Carolina came in at 1.50 billion in losses. New York and Illinois almost tied; with New York at 1.33 billion and Illinois with 1.32 billion in losses. Ohio had a total of 1.2 billion in losses, and Tennessee had 1.1 billion in losses.

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