HHS Secretary calls for expansion of health insurance programs

health insurance healthcare reform

Secretary Burwell wants insurance programs expanded in 19 states

Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell is calling for the expansion of Medicare and Medicaid in 19 states. Burwell suggests that expansion of these programs could provide millions of people with access to health insurance coverage. The 19 states that have decided not to expand these programs account for approximately 4 million uninsured people. Utah is currently the only state in the nation that has not yet decided whether it should expand these programs.

Medicare and Medicaid have had a major impact on consumers throughout the country since their launch 50 years ago

According to Secretary Burwell, no other health insurance program has had such a beneficial impact on the nation’s residents. Medicare and Medicaid were launched 50 years ago, and over that time have provided many people with the insurance coverage that they need. Burwell notes that the programs have dramatically improved the lives of millions of people and have helped changed the country’s health care landscape in significant ways.

Millions of consumers have managed to find coverage through health insurance programs

health insurance healthcare reformMedicare currently provides coverage to more than 46 million seniors and 9 million adults. Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program also provide coverage to another 72 million people. Before these programs were introduced, consumers typically relied on their own savings to handle the cost of medical care or sought the aid of charities that would help with medical bills. Deciding not to expand these programs have left many people without access to health insurance coverage, largely due to the fact that insurance policies are too expensive for them to manage.

States oppose the expansion of Medicare and Medicaid due to financial and political concerns

Expansion of these programs is tied to the Affordable Care Act, which has been quite controversial in many states. The federal law provides states with the ability to choose whether or not they want to expand these programs. Some states have decided not to expand the programs due to financial concerns, while others simply oppose the Affordable Care Act.

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