Healthcare reforms are about to get a whole lot funnier

Funny or die healthcare reforms

The celebrities from the Funny or Die studios in Hollywood are helping to promote the health insurance exchanges and laws.

Hollywood is now doing its part to help the country to get itself ready for the implementation of the latest pieces of the healthcare reforms, as the state health insurance exchanges get ready to go live on October 1.

Funny or die healthcare reforms Mike Farah and the Funny or Die studios team are coming up with as many as 20 different projects for this purpose.

In order to make sure that the healthcare reforms are a success, it is vitally important that the American people actually know what they involve. On Tuesday, the health insurance exchanges – the most public facing part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – will open their doors across the country. The first of them will be going live on September 30th, getting going at the very start of next week.

Huge campaigns are being started to focus on the primary groups that need to be informed about the healthcare reforms.

According to President Obama’s healthcare reforms, millions of Americans will be using those exchanges to purchase the coverage that they will need to have by January 1, 2014. These individuals can enroll in the marketplaces and then start to shop for various different plans, comparing what they cover with their prices.

The role that Mike Farah and his team will be playing will be in one piece of a much broader campaign from the Obama administration – and the consortium of nonprofit and industry groups who are also involved in the healthcare reforms – to ensure that at least 7 million Americans enroll in the health insurance exchanges over the next half year.

The official website for Funny or Die currently claims to have 19 million unique users as well as 60 million views of its videos on a monthly basis. The primary demographic of the site is aligned perfectly with the age group of the young people who need to sign up for the healthcare reforms in order for the exchanges – and the system as a whole – to be able to succeed. It was estimated by the Congressional Budget Office that among those who do register, 40 percent will be made up of young people.

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