Healthcare reform experts recommend double checking health insurance status

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Now that is repaired, consumers who previously purchased plans are urged to verify enrollment.

The White House has now declared the federal health insurance exchange to be fully up and running, but is also recommending that individuals who enrolled in this part of the healthcare reform ahead of the fixes, should check to ensure that they truly do have the coverage they believe that they purchased.

Those who enrolled online through the exchange while the errors are still present may not be enrolled after all.

healthcare reform newsAlthough the largest public facing part of the healthcare reform was declared fully up and running as of Sunday, with all of the major errors and shutdown problems having been resolved, the website must now handle a massive influx of consumers who have a much shorter amount of time in which to make sure that they comply with the individual mandate before it goes into effect at the start of the year.

This problem will be made worse as those who tried to comply with that healthcare reform must now double check.

A huge number of underlying problems from the health insurance exchange website were repaired by software upgrades by this weekend, said Jay Carney, a spokesperson from the White House. However the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services (CMS) – which is the agency behind the federal site – is now working to contact existing customers who have already enrolled and have made their plan selection, to make certain that they didn’t fall through the cracks.

The CMS is actively communicating directly with those consumers who have already enrolled and have chosen their plans. They are recommending that consumers “be in touch with their insurer to pay their first premium to ensure that coverage kicks in,” said Carney. When he was asked by reporters whether the White House will assure consumers who have enrolled in this healthcare reform that they can be assured coverage on the start of 2014, his response indicated that it was up to the individuals to verify their plans for themselves. This suggests that consumers need to be vigilant, particularly if they enrolled while the site still had glitches.

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