update helps same-sex couples to find affordable health insurance

Same Sex Couples InsuranceA new update to the site has been designed to make it easier for same-sex domestic partners to obtain non-group market health insurance coverage.

Though it is a significant step forward, it is acknowledged by many that there is always room for much more improvement. The update allows consumers to search for and compare different insurance plans on that are offering domestic partner coverage. This website is the government’s health care reform resource, which is maintained by the Department of Health and Human Services.

The site, which is another required element of the Affordable Care Act, was created to provide consumers with assistance regarding the reforms on many different levels. The Health Plan Finder tool is a central part of the site’s features, and it gives consumers the opportunity to compare the different details of plans when they are shopping for coverage. Comparable data includes enrollment, cost sharing, and the design for benefits, so that consumers will be able to select the plan that will best suit their own individual needs.

Since the update, a new filter has been applied to the Health Plan Finder tool, allowing consumers to look for same-sex domestic partner coverage plans.

Similarly, small businesses can also use the new filter in the tool to look for the coverage plans they’d like to offer their employees. A recent study has shown that more than half (51 percent) of small businesses are currently offering their employees equal benefits whether they have spouses or same-sex partners. That same study showed that half of the companies that do not offer these benefits would like to provide them in the future.

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