Health insurance will no longer be lost by 90,000 Californian families

California Health Insurance Companies

Officials in the state exchange have provided the documents so that residents can remain insured.

Officials for Covered California have now stated that the majority of the over 90,000 families who had been at risk of losing their health insurance coverage and their tax subsidies for those plans as a result of incomplete information with regards to their legal residence within the state will no longer have this problem.

These families now have the ability to provide the documents that are necessary so that they can keep their health plans.

The Covered California health insurance exchange had previously sent out 98,900 notices to families that had either submitted illegal paperwork or that had failed to provide the state with the required proof of their lawful residence within the state. The agency has now stated that they have received the proof that they requested for over 82,000 families, which represents a total of 130,105 people. The agency also added that it is continuing to review the cases of almost 6,700 families who have made an attempt to provide verification of their immigration or citizenship status.

As of yet, there are about 9,600 families that have not sent their information for health insurance coverage.

California Health Insurance CompaniesCovered California pointed out that it is going to send those families that have yet to submit the proof of their residence another notice. This will provide them with yet another warning and reminder that they are running out of time to provide the agency with the right documents. This is their last chance to correct the issue, because as of October 31, 2014, the insurance companies of those people will be required to terminate that coverage.

These consumers are being reminded that if they want the protection to continue for their families then they will need to comply with the regulations and provide the necessary proof that they do indeed reside within the state and, therefore, are entitled to enroll through the health insurance exchange as well as for subsidies from the state in order to make the policies easier to afford. This could also cause them to have to face tax penalties for failing to keep up their part of the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act.

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