Health insurance to be offered to Costco members by Aetna

Costco Aetna health insurance

Costco Aetna health insuranceThe insurer has now unveiled a new program for individual coverage in California.

Aetna has just announced the unveiling of a new health insurance program in California through which they will be offering individual plans to members of Costco.

This program is geared toward meeting the needs of Costco members in an affordable way.

The coverage is called the Costco Personal Health Insurance program. It includes five different types of plans, which are broad major medical benefits, a number of assistance services, a large provider and hospital network, dental options, and a number of other services.

This Aetna health insurance program allows Costco members to choose the type of coverage they need.

According to John Conlon, the director of Costco Insurance Services, there are many different plans from which the members can make their choice. He explained that they are hopeful that it will provide the type of customization that permits its members to combine for the value, benefits, and quality that they are seeking.

Conlon stated that “There are a variety of plan types to choose from, each offering the right combination of quality, value, and special members-only benefits.”

Members of Costco are able to choose to take advantage of a variety of different benefits that are unique to this program, such as low health insurance copayments on prescriptions that are filled at the Costco pharmacies. It also provides a number of special features available only to members, and smaller monthly premiums can be negotiated.

Though this health insurance program has just been launched in California, it has already become available to Costco members in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Nevada, Virginia, and Texas. Aetna and Costco have also indicated that they have intentions to further expand this opportunity to additional markets.

This new health insurance opportunity comes only a few months before the state will be opening up its own online exchange where residents will be able to shop for affordable coverage as per the federal healthcare overhaul. It has the advantage of making its plans available to Costco members before the online marketplace is ready to begin selling for the following year.

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