Health insurance through Florida KidCare program receives more attention

Children’s Health Insurance Program

Health Insurance Florida's KidCare ProgramSacred Heart raises awareness for KidCare health insurance program

Florida’s Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital has launched a new campaign to raise awareness for the Florida KidCare health insurance program. The federally-funded program offers health insurance coverage to those below the age of 19. According to Sacred Heart, the program has seen relatively low usage over the past few years due to consumers thinking that their children are not eligible for the coverage it provides. The organization is keen to see enrollment in the program grow in order to ensure that the state’s young residents have access to the health insurance coverage they need.

Program offers coverage at an affordable rate

The Florida KidCare program offers coverage at a lower rate than that offered by private insurance companies. While all individuals below the age of 19 are eligible for the program, there are certain restrictions regarding income and other factors that limit eligibility. Some of these restrictions can be waived, however, if health insurance coverage can be considered vital to the health of an individual.

New workers will help Florida consumers take advantage of program

Sacred Heart notes that awareness of the program is relatively low among Florida consumers. The organization recently received a federal grant, the funds of which were used to hire four new community health workers. These workers will help consumers apply for the Florida KidCare health insurance program and understand the different policies that are available through the program. Many of the plans offered through the program cover the cost of hospital visits, medical procedures, and prescriptions. There are also plans that include vision and dental insurance coverage.

Cost continues to worry many consumers

Cost remains a major issue of concern for many consumers throughout the country. Consumers have expressed worry over the potential for health insurance rates to spike in the coming year. While rates from private health insurance companies may be rising, those offered through programs like Florida’s KidCare are likely to offer some relief from the potentially high costs of health insurance in the future.

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