Health insurance premium payment support service at CVS

CVS health insurance

The company will be launching a new offering to help customers to pay these monthly bills.

CVS health insuranceA recent announcement from CVS Caremark has shown that the company intends to launch a new service that is designed to help some customers to be able to pay their health insurance premiums.

Members of certain participating coverage plans can head to any of the store’s locations for the service.

Customers who are members of health insurance plans that participate in this program will be able to go to any of the CVS store locations – of which there are about 7,600 throughout the country – and they can make their premiums payments without incurring any additional fees. The goal is to help people who have only just enrolled in coverage for the first time to be able to find the transition to these premiums payments a little bit easier.

The program allows CVS to collect the health insurance premiums and make the payments on the customer’s behalf.

According to the CVS senior vice president of retail pharmacy, Josh Flum, “Millions of Americans have enrolled in health insurance this year for the first time and we want to help with this transition by providing an easy way to pay their premiums in our stores.”

Americans who have policies with health plans that participate in this program, called CVS Bill Pay, will receive their own specific barcode printed on their monthly policy premium bills. With that barcode, there will be instructions provided to the customer so that they will know how to use it to be able to pay that bill. If they bring it to a CVS location, that barcode can be scanned and the customer can pay the bill using cash, debit, or credit cards just as they would pay for any other purchase in the store.

According to officials from CVS, the health insurance premiums bill payment service will be rolling out throughout all of the store locations across the country at some point this spring. This will make it possible for payments to be made on any of the plans from more than 200 different insurers.

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