Health insurance mismanagement sparks controversy in Nebraska

Nebraska Health Insurance

Nebraska health insurance program found to be poorly managed

Controversy has erupted in Nebraska as state auditor Mike Foley has discovered that millions of dollars in Medicaid-related health insurance payments have been mismanaged by Nebraska officials. The discovery could cause significant problems for the officials that would be implicated in mismanaging these funds, but could also mean trouble for consumers that are relying on the Medicaid program to receive the health insurance coverage that they need. These consumers could be put under financial strain as the issue is expected to have some financial backlash for the state.

State and federal oversight may cause significant trouble for Nebraska

According to a report released by the auditor, Nebraska officials may not be the only ones at fault for this problem. The report suggests that the federal Department of Health and Human Services failed to properly analyze the various aspects of more than $6.5 million in health insurance payments. These funds were dispersed to some 661 recipients over the past two years. Foley claims that this oversight, among others, has caused serious problems for the state’s Medicaid program, which may be difficult to resolve.

Nebraska Health InsuranceProgram’s funds mismanaged by poorly trained staff

The state’s program is meant to use funds from both the state and federal governments in order to purchase and distribute health insurance policies from private companies. Simple errors in this system could mean that significant amounts of money are funneled to private companies without receiving anything in return. This could have an effect on the health insurance costs that consumers experience as well as add extra expenses to the state’s budget as money simply vanishes from the program.

Reform may be needed

The auditor’s report suggests that poorly supervised and poorly trained staff is partly to blame for the problems that the state’s health insurance program is experiencing. Serious reform may be needed to ensure that future problems are avoided. Reform may also help alleviate some of the problems that the state’s health insurance market has been struggling with for some time.