Health insurance members gain exclusive access to the Fitbit Inspire

Health Insurance members - Fitness Tracker

The popular fitness tracker maker has launched a new device that you won’t find in stores.

Fitbit has unveiled a brand new model of fitness tracker available only to health insurance members and employees. The Fitbit Inspire was developed for this exclusive use and won’t be sold in stores or on its own website.

The launch was a quiet one this month, representing its first release that won’t be available to consumers.

The Fitness Inspire was developed specifically for use by health insurance members and corporate employees. The concept behind this fitness tracker is to provide wearable technology that is fully subsidized and that helps Fitbit to secure itself more deeply into the business and corporate worlds.

The Fitbit inspire is worn as a wristband, though it does also have the option of being used as a clip, which can be attached at the waist or chest of a piece of clothing. Its design is sleek and subtle, to help make it an appropriate accessory within the corporate atmosphere as well as for use by insurance policyholders.

The device features are also designed to suit health insurance members and corporate employee use.

The features on this wearable technology are relatively standard, according to a TechCrunch report. As expected, they provide activity tracking as well as sleep tracking features. They also provide calorie burn estimates and transmit alerts to the wearer from a connected phone.

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That said, there is a second model with higher specs, also providing the wearer with fitness GPS features and heart rate tracking. These added features allow the analytics to be more detailed, particularly when it comes to activity and sleep quality.

The official website does not display any prices for the Fitbit Inspire. That said, health insurance members and corporate employees don’t technically need to know any prices as those who are eligible to use them won’t need to pay for them.

Fitbit CEO James Park explained that these devices are meant for people with health plans, those in hospital programs or those who receive them through their employers. Fitbit already boasts 6.8 million wellness program users in these categories. That said, the Inspire – its least expensive device so far – is meant to boost that figure further. Park pointed out that there are health insurance Health Insurance members - Fitness Trackermembers in 42 Medicare Advantage plans across 27 states in which this is a covered fitness benefit. Fitbit is also working with UnitedHealth and other insurance companies for similar coverage of their devices.

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