Health insurance initiatives kick off in Nebraska

Nebraska Health Insurance

Health insurance advocates launch aggressive campaigns in the sate

A new health insurance advocacy group has been formed in Nebraska. The group is called “Enroll Nebraska” and its primary goal is to raise awareness of the state’s health insurance exchange. The exchange is set to begin open enrollment on October 1 and thousands of uninsured residents could find the coverage they need through the program. The problem, however, is that many people do not know anything about the state’s exchange and could miss out on the opportunity to attain health insurance coverage.

Enroll Nebraska seeks to inform consumers of the state’s exchange program

Enroll Nebraska has launched a new campaign to promote health insurance coverage among the uninsured. The campaign is meant to focus on the benefits that are offered by the state-based exchange. Many of these benefits have been downplayed because of the controversial nature of the Affordable Care Act. The controversial surrounding the federal law has left many people confused regarding the role of health insurance exchanges and how they can use these systems to find comprehensive coverage.

Nebraska Health InsuranceAdvocacy groups work to hire health insurance navigators

The campaign launched by Enroll Nebraska is not simply about marketing the exchange. The organization has been working to hire health insurancenr68kpthnl6B8D87GB687E9D8AA navigators, which are a part of the Affordable Care Act itself. These navigators are tasked with providing consumers with guidance concerning the health insurance policies offered through state-based exchanges. Navigators are meant to direct consumers to the policies that best suit their needs. These navigators are barred from associating with insurance companies directly and can only operate through non-profit organizations.

Navigators could be key in bringing insurance to the uninsured

Community Action of Nebraska, another health care advocacy group, is currently training 52 health insurance navigators and expects to have a total of 62 active navigators in place when the exchange begins open enrollment. The group’s objective is to help 42,000 uninsured Nebraskans find the coverage they need through the state’s exchange system. Navigators are also being put to use by the Ponca Tribe, which consists of 14,000 Native American peoples, 4,500 of which are currently uninsured.

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