Health insurance industry shows concern for H7N9 flu virus

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China Health InsuranceHealth insurance companies are wary of new flu virus

Last month, a new strain of the flu virus, dubbed H7N9, emerged in China. Since the emergence of the new flu strain, some 71 individuals have been diagnosed with H7N9 and 13 have reportedly died from the virus. The virus has caused many to recall the H1N1 influenza pandemic of 2009, which proved to be a particularly serious health concern for many people throughout Asia and served as a monumental challenge to the global health insurance industry. Kwiksure, a leading insurance broker operating primarily in Asia, has been working to address the concerns many consumers are having regarding the new virus.

Kwiksure takes note of growing concerns among customers

Kwiksure clients have begun voicing their worry over the spread of the H7N9 virus, many fearing the spark of another pandemic is just around the corner. Such an event would prove taxing for health insurance companies around the world, especially those where contamination could be considered highest. So far, the virus has not spread beyond China, though a seven-year-old recently fell ill in Hong Kong with flu-like symptoms. The child has tested negative for the H7N9 virus, however.

Virus shows no sign of human-to-human transmission

Kwiksure, as well as other health insurance companies working in China, have begun to draw attention to reports from the World Health organization that suggest that the virus has not shown any evidence that it can be passed from human to human. Currently, it is believed that the virus is only passed from to humans through contact with infected birds. The World Health Organization, along with the Chinese National Influenza Center, however, suggest that the virus is more than capable of mutating to be transmittable between humans.

Potential outbreak may be taxing for the health insurance industry

Concerns regarding the potential spread of a dangerous illness are sparking worries about how much a major outbreak would affect the health insurance industry. The World Health Organization is currently working on a vaccine for this particular strain of influenza, but the vast majority of people will likely have to rely heavily on their health insurance provider in case the virus begins to spread more aggressively. Kwiksure is among several insurers whose policies provide outpatient benefits, providing policyholders with access to antiviral medications.

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