Health insurance industry begins showing support for presidential candidates

US Health Insurance IndustryThe health insurance industry is beginning to show tentative support for political candidates in the upcoming election season, according to research from the Center for Responsive Politics, a non-profit political research group. The two candidates receiving this support are Republican Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama – the only candidates to have shown support for a health insurance mandate. Such mandates stand to benefit the health insurance industry and throwing support behind the candidate with the most popular health care policy may prove to be lucrative in the future.

Health care reform is a major issue and one that has been receiving a swell of attention from politicians. Most politicians agree that change is necessary but differ on how that change must be enacted. This division often leads to fierce debate that serves only to stall any changes from being implemented. Stagnation of the issue would not bode well for the health insurance industry as it is currently struggling with mitigating the shortfalls of the ailing health care system.

To date, Romney has received most support from the insurance industry. According to researchers, Romney’s campaign has already received more than $43,000. Obama, who is running for reelection, is also receiving a wealth of investments from the industry, having already been given $42,000.

Ultimately, the fate of the nation’s health care system lies in the hands of the next President. Only time will tell who that person will be.

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