Health insurance exchange in California awards grants worth $37 million

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There have been 48 grants for 16 winners whose names have now been announced in the state.

The Sacramento Employment and Training Agency, and the UC Davis Center for Reducing Health Disparities has joined a list of nearly fifty other organizations that are the recipients of a total of $37 million in grants from the health insurance exchange in California.

This was a part of an education and outreach grant program by Covered California.

There were a total of 16 winners of the grants that totaled millions of dollars from the health insurance exchange called Covered California. This marketplace is currently in the process of the implementation of changes that have been federally mandated through the Affordable Care Act. These 16 winners were awarded a total of 48 grants that totaled $37 million.

The purpose of the granCalifornia health insurance plansts from the health insurance exchange is to better help the communities they serve.

According to the secretary of Health and Human Services in California, Diana Dooley, “They’re organizations that are connected with and trusted by the communities that we will serve.” Dooley is also a member of the governing board for the health insurance exchange in the state and added that “They’re engaged in social services, they’re language assistance groups, they’re food and nutrition groups – they’re many kinds of groups at the local level.”

The hope is that these organizations will be able to use the grants from the health insurance marketplace in order to help in creating a statewide community network that will promote coverage, come up with more options, and answer questions about the federal healthcare law that will become effective as of January 1, 2014. At that time, almost all Americans will be required to purchase a plan or they will be forced to pay a type of fine.

The campaign from Covered California will target 5.3 million residents of the state who are uninsured. Among the various grants that were awarded, there were 37 that target outreach to the Latino communities, with 32 focusing on African American communities, 24 for Caucasian communities, 20 for Asian-Pacific Islander communities, and 11 for Middle Eastern communities. This according to the data from the health insurance exchange.