Health insurance enrollment in Nevada continues onward

Nevada health insurance commissioner State Legislature Building

March 31, 2014 may have marked the end of the open enrollment period but people are still signing up.

Health insurance Nevada State Legislature BuildingThe Nevada Health Link may have ended its open enrollment for health insurance on the exchange as of the close of March, this year, but this hasn’t stopped residents of the state from signing up in order to take advantage of another opportunity.

A sixty day special enrollment session started at the beginning of this month and enrollments are still coming.

The Silver State Health Insurance Exchange board, which is responsible for running the Nevada Health Link website, gathered last week to go over the newest statistics regarding state residents that have signed up as of April 1, when the special enrollment period began. What they found was that from April 1 through April 5, there were 7,000 new applications for coverage on the exchange.

This brings the total number of health insurance applications since October 4 to 450,000.

As of April 5, there was an increase of approximately 4,000 in the number of eligibility determinations. This is the process by which a consumer finds out whether or not her or she can qualify for a federal subsidy that will help to offset the premiums for this coverage. This brings the total number up to 386,956.

On that same date, the number of people who had signed up through the state exchange and paid for a health plan had reached 28,208 on April 5. This rose notably from 25,899, which was the figure on March 31. By April 5 there had already been an additional 4,332 people who had scheduled to have their payments made.

Now that the special enrollment period is under way, the exchange and Xerox, its website contractor, have until May 31 to bring in another 89,000 enrollments of people who have completed the eligibility process but who then did not take the additional step of choosing a plan. That figure also includes people who said that they were not able to enroll for coverage due to website problems.

The health insurance exchange board also received progress reports with regards to the repairs of those website technical issues from the vendors who were working to fix them.

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