93 Percent of employees content with their health insurance plans

Health insurance - happy employees

The vast majority of workers are happy with the employer sponsored coverage they’re receiving.

Most Americans are content with the employer-sponsor health insurance coverage they have and identified it as the most important benefit that they can receive from an employer, according to a Seven Letter Insight poll conducted on behalf of the Protecting Americans’ Coverage Together (PACT) campaign.

The survey included the participation of 2,334 respondents covered by employer-sponsored plans.

The health insurance poll took place between November 14 and November 19, 2022. The coverage was identified as the most desired form that an employer could offer. Among the respondents, 89 percent preferred to receive their plans through their employers than by any other channel, such as government plans.

Health insurance - happy employees

Approximately three in four (76 percent) of workers said that their employer-sponsored plan’s quality was superior to that of the plans available through the open market. Another 83 percent said that their plan was more affordable through their employer than it would be through other channels. Furthermore, the majority of respondents (95 percent) said that receiving their plans through their employers came with greater convenience than shopping for coverage in the open market.

Overall satisfaction with the health insurance plan coverage employees received was also notable.

Among the participants in the survey, 93 percent said that they were satisfied with the coverage they receive through their employers. Among those, 54 percent said that they were highly satisfied with their coverage. Among the respondents, 87 percent said that they found their plans to be affordable, and 73 percent said that they felt that the coverage they received was worth the premiums they were paying for it.

The survey results showed that when the survey participants were asked to describe their employer-sponsored health insurance coverage, the top descriptions used were affordable, high quality, and comprehensive.

The respondents gave a high priority to their plans, labeling health insurance as the top benefit an employer could offer. Nearly all (96 percent) felt it was important, with 83 percent of all participating employees called their coverage extremely important, and another 13 percent called it very important.

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