Health insurance customers are avoiding medical care due to costs

U.S. Health Insurance

Survey from University of Chicago highlights the financial problem of health care in the US

The University of Chicago has released the results of a new survey regarding those with private health insurance coverage in the U.S. The survey is meant to shed some light on the financial concerns that consumers have regarding their coverage, as well as the financial concerns they have for medical care overall. According to the survey, financial issues are one of the leading problems that consumers have when it comes to health care, and the Affordable Care Act may not have done enough to lay these concerns to rest.

Many people avoid medical care because of how expensive it has become

The survey shows that one in four adults with insurance coverage in the U.S. are worried that they will be unable to pay for unexpected medical costs. This worry is most prevalent among those with high-deductible insurance policies, as these people tend to pay more for their medical care than others. Approximately 19% of those with private insurance coverage said that they avoid visiting a doctor when they are sick or injured because of the costs involved in doing so.

High-deductible plans are becoming more common and consumers are looking for ways to reduce their financial burden

U.S. Health InsuranceHigh-deductible plans are quite common throughout the U.S., especially when it comes to employer-sponsored insurance. These policies are becoming increasingly common in health insurance exchanges as well. The exchanges were meant to provide consumers with access to affordable insurance coverage. In many regards, the exchanges have been successful in this endeavor, but new insurance policies being sold through the exchange are becoming more expensive than what had been previously available.

People may be risking their health because of the costs associated with medical care

The survey suggests that consumers may be responding to more expensive coverage by risking their health. According to the survey, 17% of respondents have avoided recommended tests or treatments that were proscribed to them by their health care provider. Another 18% of consumers went without physical exams or avoided preventative care due to the costs they would face.

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