Health insurance covers the largest number of Americans

Health Insurance News Consumer Survey

This is the most people that have been coverage since President Obama was first sworn in.

Health Insurance News Consumer SurveyA recently conducted survey conducted by Gallup has shown that the percentage of Americans who have coverage through health insurance has risen to the highest level that it has seen since President Obama first took office.

This national study has helped to show that the health care reform is boosting the coverage of people in the U.S.

The national survey showed that by the second half of March, only 14.7 percent of adults were still without health insurance. When compared to the last quarter of 2013, when 18 percent of adults were uninsured, it is clear that a notable difference has been made in boosting coverage across the country.

These health insurance figures align with other recent survey data and reports on enrollment.

The results of this survey show that approximately 8 million people have signed up for insurance coverage since last September. That data does take into account any coverage losses that the health care reform may have generated as a result of plan cancellations when the policies did not comply with the new minimum standards.

The survey by Gallup also underscore a notable broadening in coverage over the American marketplace, which has not been seen since Medicare and Medicaid were first created around 50 years ago. At the same time, the results of this large survey also takes away from the claims that have been persistently made by critics, which stated that the health care reform has done very little to actually expand coverage in the country.

According to an article written about the poll by Jenna Levy from Gallup, “The uninsured rate has been falling since the fourth quarter of 2013 … a sign that the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as Obamacare, appears to be accomplishing its goal of increasing the percentage of Americans with health insurance coverage.”

The survey discovered health insurance enrollment gains from a number of new coverage sources. This has been a shot in the arm, for health care reform that has seen a significant amount of struggle, controversy, technical disasters, and rewriting since October.

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