Health insurance coverage will require many to confirm immigration status

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In Texas, alone, there are about 53,000 people who need to clarify their status in order to keep their policies.

Over 300,000 across the United States have now been sent letters from the federal government that requires them to answer certain questions with regards to their immigration status in order to make certain that they are entitled to keep their health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Only legal residents and citizens are allowed to purchase policies that qualify for subsidies on premiums.

Among those who have received the letters, it is estimated that around 53,700 of them reside in Texas. They will all need to resolve questions that have arisen regarding their immigration status by providing more documentation to the federal government. While a consumer does not need to be a citizen in order to actually buy health insurance through one of the exchanges, undocumented immigrants are not entitled to participate. There is a requirement for a minimum of permanent resident status or another form of provisional or temporary legal status.

Federal officials have underscored that many of the recipients of the letters are entitled to their health insurance.

health insurance  newsThey have pointed out that a large number of the people who have receive the letters are, indeed, present in a lawful way and are fully eligible to receive the federal subsidies that are provided to many who purchase their health plans through the federal and state exchanges. However, they still need to make certain of this fact and are requesting the additional information from them.

The recipients of the letters must submit the necessary documentation by September 5 in order to make sure that there will not be any cessation in their coverage. Individuals that fail to provide the proper information could end up losing their coverage on September 30.

The process for clarifying immigration status and confirming eligibility for the health insurance plan and its associated subsidies for the premiums is meant to be relatively straightforward and requires standard documentation for proof of citizenship or residency. Should questions arise, it is recommended that the recipients of the letters ask sooner, rather than later, to ensure that there will not be any avoidable interruption in coverage.

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