Health insurance coverage is now protecting more Americans

Health Insurance coverage - uninsured drops

A new survey has shown that the number of uninsured people in the United States has dropped.

This week, federal researchers have reported that in the first quarter of 2014, there was a substantial decline in the number of people in the United States who do not have health insurance.

This represents the very first official federal measure of the number of uninsured people, this year.

This represents the first time the federal government has measured the number of Americans without health insurance coverage since the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act went into effect in January. That health care reform was meant to broaden coverage so that it could reach millions of additional Americans across the country, and now the data is revealing that the number of people who still do not have this coverage has plummeted.

During the first quarter of this year, alone, the number of Americans without health insurance fell by 8 percent.

Health Insurance coverage - uninsured dropsThis means that within that span of three months, there were 41 million more people without coverage in the country. When compared to the same period during 2013, this mean that the figure has dropped by 3.8 million people. This aligns well with what experts, such as those at Gallup had calculated based on their surveys of private groups.

This recent research also measured the physical health of Americans across the country, but as of yet there hasn’t been very much evidence of change. That said, when it comes to the difference made in the actual health of individuals throughout the nation, this may require more time in order to be able to obtain an accurate measure.

These findings were revealed as a result of the National Health Interview Survey, which was a study that looked into data that would represent the entire country. These results are considered by researchers to be a gold standard. During the first quarter, the survey involved an interview of 27,000 people. Technically, this figure was lower than that of Gallup, which included 45,000 interviews in its survey of the second quarter.

However, researchers feel that this health insurance data is especially accurate due to the fact that the surveys are conducted in the homes of Americans. This particular study has also now set the federal level that can be used from now on as a benchmark, by the federal government and other researchers.

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