Health insurance coverage now available for orphans in China

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China Health InsuranceA Chinese state media report has announced that almost 30,000 children are now on a limited plan.

A recent report from a media report in China has revealed that nearly 30,000 orphans now have health insurance coverage for the treatment of a dozen different critical diseases.

These children come from a number of provinces and will how have some medical protection.

The Chinese orphans affected by this new health insurance plan are located in the provinces of Hainan, Fujian, and Liaoning, in addition to the autonomous regions of Ningxia Hui and Tibet. The children will benefit from a joint coverage program that is funded by the China Children Insurance Foundation and the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

This health insurance news report came from the official Xinhua News Agency in the country.

According to the director of the China Children Insurance Foundation, Heidi Hu, “It’s our best new year gift for the children and I hope more people can join in our efforts to help them.”

This new health insurance coverage started on the first of the year and will extend until December 31, 2013. Each of the orphans now has coverage for 100,000 yuan (which is approximately $16,090) at an annual premium of 50 yuan, said the official news source.

The Xinhua News Agency reported that this new health insurance program was created in order to provide official registered orphans and the children of poor families who are under the age of 18 with some medical coverage for the treatment of 12 critical illnesses.

The illnesses covered by this health insurance plan will include malignant tumors, conditions that require stem cell or organ transplants, aplastic anemia, acute kidney failure, infantile paralysis, and acute hepatitis.

This coverage is being granted to children who have no other means of paying for their medical treatment and care needs. The health insurance is specific to certain serious illnesses but it exposes the orphans and poorer children to opportunities for survival and quality of life that would otherwise be considered to be entirely impossible to achieve. It is not yet known whether or not the program will extend after the end of this year, but it is an important start for the kids.

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