Health insurance coverage available in every Alabama county

Alabama Health Insurance

The state has announced that it will have plans available through its exchange for all of its regions.

Alabama has announced that no counties will be left out of its health insurance exchange, which will be federally operated, because there have been proposed plans put forward by three different companies, two of which are willing to provide coverage to the entire state.

This has left Alabama in a better situation than some of the other states located nearby.

Both United Healthcare and the largest health insurance provider in the state, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, have filed their plan proposals for providing coverage in every county. At the same time, Humana has filed its own plan proposals which would offer coverage in 50 of the total 67 counties in the state. This, according to the Alabama Department of Insurance.

Alabama Health InsuranceSome states are struggling to find health insurance coverage that will be offered to every county.

For instance, Alabama’s neighbor, Mississippi, is facing challenges with the fact that health insurancenr68kpthnl6B8D87GB687E9D8AA companies have proposed plans for covering only approximately 40 percent of its counties.

In Alabama, neither Humana’s officials nor those from the government have identified the 17 states that would not be covered under Humana’s plan. The reason is that the proposal is still being reviewed. However, Mitch Lubitz, a spokesperson from the insurer, did explain that the company “is basing its business decisions largely on focusing on markets where Humana already has a business presence and established health care provider networks of physicians, hospitals and specialists.”

The federal government must still give its approval to the health insurance plans before they will be able to move forward, as the governor of Alabama decided that the state would not operate its own exchange and would leave it up to federal officials to control. The only role played by the Alabama Department of Insurance is to recognize whether or not the plans that have been proposed by these three insurers have complied with the laws in the state. According to Mark Fowler, a spokesperson for the department, that review is currently underway.

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