Health insurance companies do well in encouraging trust…

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Though the same research indicates that message clarity could use some improvement.

Pitney Bowes Inc. has just released the results of its latest research, which has indicated that health insurance companies need to place more of their focus on their claims and billing information approaches in order to make sure that their customers are being adequately informed.

This information needs to adequately cater to the various age groups that the insurers serve.

Though American consumers do have a certain general preference for the ways in which they would like to receive comHealth Insurancemunications from their health insurance providers, there are also some notable differences from one generation to the next.

The survey was commissioned by Pitney Bowes and performed by ORC International, a polling firm. There were around 1,000 American adult participants in the survey, who gave their opinions regarding the ways in which they would prefer to receive claims and billing information from the health insurance companies with which they have their coverage.

Forty six percent prefer to receive all of their health insurance information using snail mail.

That said, 38 percent expressed that they would like to receive their health insurance information through snail mail as well as through access to a secure website to which they can log in. Based on this data, insurers should be looking into providing their policyholders with communications over multiple channels in order to make certain that all customers are satisfied in this area.

What came as a surprise to some was that the older demographics were just as likely to find communications over multiple channels to be appealing as individuals within the age bracket of 35 years or less.

According to the Pitney Bowes Document Messaging Technologies president, Christoph Stehmann, “In today’s healthcare environment, changes in technology and consumer preferences are increasing the complexity of customer communications.” He added that “To be successful, health insurance providers need to understand their customer base, make sure messages are clear in statements and bills, and use multi-channel communications to meet the preferences of all age groups.”

That said, health insurance companies were highly trusted by their policyholders, as 82 percent of the respondents said that they trusted their providers.

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