Health insurance coming to 600,000 in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania health insurance exchange

Health care program seeks to provide coverage for transportation services to 600,000 people

The Healthy Pennsylvania system will be offering heavily subsidized health insurance coverage to some 600,000 of the state’s residents beginning January 1, 2015. The program is meant to provide low-income residents with health care services, including transportation to and from any appointment they may have with a health care provider. The program will also offer reimbursement for those that use their own vehicles and those that take public transportation to such appointments.

Those that want to receive coverage through the program must already be enrolled in Medicaid

There is a catch, however, as only those apart of the state’s Medicaid program will be able to take advantage of the new Healthy Pennsylvania initiative. According to the Department of Public Welfare, the state cannot support the inclusion of new people into its Medicaid system. The state has been granted a 1-year waiver on new Medicaid enrollees, meaning that the program is not required to take on new consumers. This will allow the state to re-evaluate its Medicaid program and make changes that will ensure its continued sustainability.

State agency to examine the changes being made in the health care sector

Pennsylvania health insuranceThe Department of Public Welfare notes that the state will examine changes that will be occurring throughout the health care sector over the coming year. Federal law has introduced new regulations and standards to this sector and many of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act will begin taking effect in the coming year. In order for the state to adequately examine how these changes are affecting health care, Pennsylvania residents may need to be quite vocal about the services they are receiving.

Residents are encouraged to voice their concerns regarding the services they should be receiving

In order to understand how consumers are being affected, the Department of Public Welfare is encouraging people to be proactive about their health insurance and the services that they use. The agency wants to see people voice their concerns and provide information regarding the services they should be receiving. This information could help the state make changes to its existing health care services for the better.

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