Health insurance campaign launched in Arizona

Arizona Health Insurance

Volunteers seek to raise awareness of health insurance in Arizona

Arizona has launched a year-long campaign to promote coverage through its health insurance exchange over the weekend. The state is hoping to raise awareness of the exchange, which could offer affordable coverage to the state’s estimated 1 million people that do not have health insurancenr68kpthnl6B8D87GB687E9D8AA protection currently. Enroll America, a national non-profit organization that works with health care and social service agencies, is one of the parties participating in the campaign.

Volunteers work to spread information

Through Enroll America, volunteers have been canvassing neighborhoods in Phoenix and Tempe, hoping to find people without health insurance coverage and provide them with access to information about the state’s exchange and the federal Affordable Care Act. Volunteers are also helping spread news about the state’s expanded Medicaid program, which has been made more accessible to consumers that may benefit from it.

Arizona Health InsuranceLawmakers work to expand Medicaid and promote health care

Approximately 150,000 Arizona residents have lost their health insurance coverage over the past two years due to economic turbulence and the state’s beleaguered Medicaid program. Lawmakers have been working to resolve this issue by making changes to its health care program and by adopting new health insurance regulations that could be considered friendlier to consumers. The state will also be home to a health insurance exchange, which will begin open enrollment in October of this year.

Campaign could help consumers find the health insurance coverage they need

State officials note that the Affordable Care Act has a somewhat negative view with many consumers throughout the state, yet many people do not have an understanding of the federal law. While many lawmakers have also been critical of the law, they have been quick to note the potential benefits that consumers could find through the state’s health insurance exchange and expanded Medicaid program. Like other states, Arizona’s marketing campaign is meant to raise awareness of these benefits and attract consumers to the exchange so they can find the coverage they are interested in.

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