Nevada government seeks feedback from public on health insurance benefits

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health Insurance news for NevadaConsumers have a chance to speak out on health insurance benefits

Nevada’s Division of Insurance is looking to acquire public opinion on what should be included in the state’s essential health benefits plan, which is part of the Affordable Care Act. Per federal law, the state must build a health insurance exchange itself or risk having the federal government establish one. This insurance exchange is meant to provide consumers with access to affordable health insurance policies and create competition in the market to drive down insurance premiums overall. The policies provided through an exchange system are categorized in tiers and states have the ability to determine the absolute minimum level of benefits consumers can receive through these policies.

Ten health insurance plans could shape the future of Nevada health insurance

Nevada officials are currently weighing the value of 10 existing health insurance plans that have been offered to the state. Governor Brian Sandoval will have to choose which of these plans will be used to establish the minimum level of benefits consumers can receive through health insurance plans by the end of this year. Because these plans could have a drastic impact on the health insurance plans of consumers, the state is looking for public input and hopes to get a better understanding of what consumers actually want.

Consumers encouraged to share their opinions

The 10 plans come from some of the nation’s largest insurance companies, such as Aetna, as well as government-backed insurance groups. Each plan provides a different take on the benefits that should be provided to consumers and lawmakers are keen to ensure that consumers have a say in the benefits they will begin receiving through a state-run health insurance exchange. A number of hearings are scheduled this week throughout the state, where the public will be welcomed to submit their feedback on the matter.

Nevada continues work on building its own health insurance exchange

Nevada has plans to run its own health insurance exchange and has been working to develop a system to govern the exchange for several months. The exchange is expected to be fully operational in the late months of 2013, but will not be required to issue policies until January 2014. The state has chosen to build its own exchange in order to avoid federal intervention.

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