Health care vote likely today after delay from Trump’s failure to find support

Donald Trump - health care repeal

Despite extensive efforts to encourage members to see his side, the president has yet to gain enough votes.

House leaders postponed the health care vote that had been expected to occur on Thursday. The GOP’s intention had been to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Trump and his supporters worked diligently to address demands made from lawmakers who refused to support the overhaul bill.

Despite considerable efforts, Trump was unable to convince enough of the lawmakers to make it pass.

The House Republicans met behind closed doors late in the day to discuss their next step in the strategy toward the health care vote. House leaders made it clear that everyone must make themselves available to vote today as an alternate vote may be scheduled then.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated that a vote was expected at some point today following debate on the subject of the health care repeal bill last night. “We’re very confident that the bill will pass tomorrow morning,” said Huckabee Sanders.

Trump had been hopeful to close a deal over the health care vote on Thursday, but didn’t sway enough Republicans.

Donald Trump - health care voteThe meetings and decision to delay the Affordable Care Act repeal vote occurred after 24 hours of intense negotiating and closed door meetings with the conservative House Freedom Caucus. The negotiations continued nearly nonstop throughout that time as both Trump and Ryan attempted to appease House Freedom Caucus members. Despite grand efforts and dramatic statements, President Trump failed to close the deal. He still could not come up with enough supporters to pass his Trumpcare reforms.

This, despite the fact that he’d told GOP party members that their seats were at risk if they did not overhaul the health care law. As this did not convince several Republicans to change their minds, the White House stated that if the bill does not pass today, they could be “stuck with Obamacare.”

According to Rep. Chris Collins (R-New York), the health care vote is expected to occur this afternoon. Rep. Justin Amash (R-Michigan) stated that “They’re not going to pass the bill” if the White House had made its final offer.

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