Health care reforms in Mexico introduced universal coverage in under a decade

Health Care Reform in Mexico

Health Care Reform in Mexico

This new medical system started in under ten years from its conception.

According to a Lancet medical journal report, Mexico has introduced undergone health care reforms in under a decade, which have brought universal coverage to its people.

The program provides coverage for catastrophic and chronic illness as well as preventive care.

The universal health care reforms were first introduced less than ten years ago. The journal explained that the changes have now lead to the coverage of approximately 50 million people who had previously been uninsured. This public medical insurance program pays for chronic and catastrophic forms of illness as well as vaccines and other types of preventive efforts.

First established nine years ago, these health care reforms have changed medical care for Mexican citizens.

The way the program functioned until 2004, was that the only way for Mexican citizens to access adequate insurance was with the social security schemes that were available only through employment, by way of highly expensive private medical policies.

The full cover Seguro Popular, the people’s health insurance program that was developed through Mexico’s health care reforms, including the various covered illnesses, preventive care, and even diabetes screening.

Equally, though, the report in the Lancet pointed out that disparities still exist following the health care reforms, particularly from one state to the next. The reasons is the funding distribution issues. This is making it difficult to make sure that individuals living in remote rural locations will be able to access the services that they need.

At the same time, though, an editorial accompanying the report published in the Lancet still called the health care reforms in Mexico a “remarkable feat”. Moreover, that country has now shown that it is possible to implement universal medical coverage, and that it can be done in less than ten years’ time. The Lancet journal editorial said that it was a fine demonstration of how it should be done, “as well as being ethically the right thing to do, is the smart thing to do.”

Elsewhere in the world, the government of Ireland has said that they will be making universal health care reforms, as well, and that they will be implemented by 2016.

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