Hawaii residents encouraged to double check their homeowners insurance policies

Hawaii Homeowners Insurance

Hurricane season is not over yet and powerful storms may be on their way to Hawaii

State officials in Hawaii are encouraging homeowners to ensure that their properties are protected against natural disasters. The 2014 Pacific hurricane season is set to end on November 30, and there is still plenty of time for powerful storms to form and make landfall in the state. Severe weather is expected to hit Hawaii in the coming weeks and months and homes that do not have adequate protection could find themselves vulnerable to financial losses.

State officials note that some homeowners may be lacking appropriate coverage

Hawaii’s Insurance Commissioner, Gordon Ito, noted that typical homeowners insurance policies do not provide coverage for hurricane and flood damage. The best place for homeowners and businesses to find flood protection is through the National Flood Insurance Program. While the program may be underwhelming in terms of its ability to properly manage claims, it is the only place through which homeowners can find the kind of protection that they need against significant hurricane disasters.

21 insurance companies in Hawaii are offering comprehensive hurricane protection

Hawaii Homeowners InsuranceHurricane coverage is another matter. According to the state’s Insurance Division, some 21 insurance companies are offering protection against hurricane damage, but not flood protection. Many homes throughout the state have some type of hurricane protection already, due to provisions of their mortgage agreements. Others may be lacking coverage, however, which is why state officials are encouraging homeowners to double check their policies.

11 storms form in the Pacific Ocean, claiming 9 lives so far, but other losses have not yet be calculated

So far, a total of 11 storms have formed in the Pacific Ocean during this year’s hurricane season. Six of these storms were considered mild hurricanes, while four were considered to be major. The strongest storm that has formed in the Pacific this year was Hurricane Amada, with 155 mile-per-hour winds. There have been nine reported fatalities this season, linked to natural disasters that have hit islands in the Pacific Ocean. The season is expected to come to an end on November 30.

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