Halloween insurance costs are sending haunted houses to the graveyard

Halloween Insurance News - Safety

These attractions are rapidly disappearing due to the associated liability costs for organizers.

Haunted houses have long been a tradition at this time of year, but the cost of Halloween insurance has been shutting them down. Many communities across the country have found that the attractions weren’t coming back this year.

Over the last couple of decades, haunted houses had been rapidly rising in popularity.

It reached the point that people who truly enjoy a good fright would be able to go from one haunted house to the next. They didn’t have to choose just one. The last few years however, appear to be sending this trend in the opposite direction.

The high costs of creating the attractions in the first place, combined with skyrocketing liability premiums from Halloween insurance have limited the number of haunted houses opening their doors this year.

The main challenge is that the Halloween insurance costs have risen too high to make the events profitable.

Halloween Insurance News - SafetyCreating a high quality haunted house attraction is expensive to begin with. The added costs can often be what makes or breaks the opportunity for organizers. When those additional expenses come with an increasingly high price tag, the organizers often find that they simply can’t afford to operate anymore.

These attractions have, after all, evolved a great deal since having once been a corn maze in a field. Today, they more closely resemble fun fairs with a spooky theme. They will involve haunted hay rides with actors and props along their entire lengths, multiple buildings and even rides. They require a size amount of space, equipment and assembly time. This, on top of an exceptionally large team of people running the various components, comes with a high cost.

At the same time, it also comes with a considerable amount of risk. These attractions require people to move around in the dark, they often involve open flames and are purposely trying to scare people. This makes it vital for the events to carry liability insurance coverage.

However, the cost of that Halloween insurance coverage for liability is now being seen as the straw that broke the camel’s back. While the smaller attractions – typically meant for small children – typically remain affordable, the larger haunted house attractions for teens and adults are dwindling.

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