Growth of health insurance in the US stalled in 2015

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Efforts to reduce the country’s uninsured population began to slow significantly in 2015

Health insurance has expanded in the United States, with the Obama Administration noting that some 11.3 million people have enrolled for coverage through exchanges throughout the country. Efforts to reduce the country’s uninsured population may not be going smoothly, however. The recent Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index found that reducing the uninsured rate among adults stalled in 2015. This has raised concerns that the Affordable Care Act may not be having the impact that President Barack Obama had intended.

Law is not in danger of collapsing, but opponents have serious concerns

Larry Levitt of the Kaiser Family Foundation notes that the federal law is not collapsing, even amidst critics of the law claiming that this is the case. While the law may be steadfast, there is still uncertainty concerning its overall impact. Advocates of the Affordable Care Act had hoped that the law would lead to a significant reduction in the uninsured population. Before 2015, this was true, to a degree, but last year, relatively few uninsured people opted to purchase the health insurance coverage that they need.

Uninsured rate remains virtually unchanged throughout 2015

health insurance cost medicalThe Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index found that the share of adults in the U.S. without health insurance coverage stood at 11.9% during the last three months of 2015. This is the same share of uninsured adults that was reported at the start of that year. Gallup analysts suggest that the sharp decline in the rate of uninsured people has leveled off, which may validate some concerns coming from critics of the Affordable Care Act, especially in regards to the law’s longevity and ultimate impact.

Young consumers are finding health insurance coverage through exchanges

Notably, young consumers have become a very prominent demographic for health insurance exchanges. These consumers are acquiring coverage in order to address their medical concerns, but also to avoid a federal penalty that will place them under greater financial pressure. Despite the impact that the federal law has had, those opposing the Affordable Care Act continue to seek out ways to repeal the law.

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