Google is stepping into auto insurance sales

google auto insurance industry

The internet giant intends to begin selling policies for vehicle coverage in the United States market.

According to a statement recently made by an analyst, Google Inc. has intentions to make its way into the American auto insurance market with a website that will give people across the United States the opportunity to compare policies and buy coverage.

This is only the latest step in a broader effort that the company to make its way into the U.S. automotive industry.

The internet search giant is going to be creating a comparison shopping site for auto insurance policies called Google Compare, which will soon be piloted, according to Ellen Carney, an analyst from Forrester. Carney said that for more than two years, the company has been pitching this service to insurers. At the moment, a Google already offers a comparison service for consumers in the United Kingdom, in which there are 125 different vehicle insurance options.

Google takes a cut every time a user of the service purchases auto insurance through its service online or by phone.

google auto insuranceThere has been a great deal of speculation surrounding Google over the last while, as it has been looking into more specific areas of online search that are geared toward certain markets and industries. That company is already been providing its users with a site that is designed to let them compare different travel destinations so that they can obtain the best and cheapest rates and fares for flights, for example.

It isn’t unlike Google to look outside of its core business and to branch off into other areas, markets, and industries in order to help to broaden its reach and power into those fields. A prime example of this that has been making insurance news over the last short while has been its robotics and its self-driving cars.

The expectation that Carney has released has suggested that the pilot for the service will occur in California and that it will begin within the first quarter of this year. Google already has a license in 26 states that will allow it to sell auto insurance. It is also working with a number of insurance companies, such as MetLife and Dairyland, among others, said Carney.

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