GMAC’s annual report shows that drivers are being distracted by smart phones

Distracted Driving StatisticsWith smart phones becoming such a fundamental part of daily life, more people are finding it difficult to separate themselves from mobile devices while driving. The need for constant contact seems to be overwhelming in some cases, leading to distraction and accidents. GMAC Insurance, a high-profile car insurer, has released their latest annual report regarding the issue. Titled 2011 GMAC Insurance National Driver Test, the report shows that smart phones are one of the leading causes of distraction amongst drivers of all ages.

According to the report, 8 in 10 drivers believe that it is not safe to use mobile devices while driving. Yet, the study shows that just over 50% of drivers partake in some kind of mobile activity, including texting, calling and emailing. This disparity shows that while most motorists seem to have altruistic intents, it is difficult to separate oneself from the allure of constant connectivity.

GMAC’s report shows that drivers between the ages of 16 and 17 are the most likely to be distracted by smart phones, with a 75% probability. 72% of drivers aged 60 to 65 are likely to engage in such activities. Surprisingly, those in their 20’s and 30’s fall behind despite these age groups accounting for much of the representation of smart phones.

The report shows that distracted drivers are more likely to get into some kind of accident. Furthermore, despite there being laws in some states prohibiting the use of phones while driving, less than one percent of drivers have received a ticket or warning for this behavior.
A summary of the report can be found at GMAC’s website.


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