Global Youth Traffic Safety Month helps over 120,000 teens drive more safely

Global Youth Traffic Safety Month teen driver

Adolescents across the United States took part in the Act Out Loud program this year to boost awareness.

The 2014 Act Out Loud program was a great success, this year, as it brought 120,000 teens together to help to spread the word about Global Youth Traffic Safety Month and the importance of safe driving.

The program is sponsored by the Allstate Foundation and the National Organizations for Youth Safety.

These two groups have been celebrating Global Youth Traffic Safety Month with the program which is now been running for seven years. Its goal is to simply encourage people to speak openly about the top killer of adolescents – vehicle accidents. This year, there were over 200 schools participating in the challenge to design a poster and a t-shirt as well as to host a rally that was centered around one of the leading killers of adolescents in the United States by way of car crashes: failing to wear a seatbelt, speeding, and teen passengers within the vehicle.

This year’s program for the Global Youth Traffic Safety Month was considered a great success.

This year’s grand prize winning school was Dubiski Career High School, which is located in Grand Prairie, Texas. The reason that it was chosen for the top spot was as a result of the participation throughout the entire school and for a complete week of teen driving activities, and because of the support that was provided by city officials and the local police department to help to better spread the word about safe driving.

All of the schools that participated in the program held rallies that were judged based on set criteria such as the strength of the messages for safe driving among teens, the creativity of the activities themselves, the overall student body involvement, as well as the involvement of the school administration and the community as a whole.

The Allstate executive vice president, Steve Sorenson said that “Ending the epidemic of teen driving fatalities in our country starts with teens championing this cause with their friends.” He also added that the school that won this year during Global Youth Traffic Safety Month “went above and beyond” when it came to encouraging adolescents to “slow down, buckle up, and limit distractions from passengers.”

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