Gerber moves forward with Virtual Assist technology for efficiency improvements

Virtual Assist - Car Crash - Vehicle Damage

The new tech tool will provide vehicle appraisal improvements for enhanced customer service.

Gerber Collision & Glass has revealed that it is adding Virtual Assist to improve its efficiencies. This software is meant to make the process smoother for customers during vehicle damage appraisals.

The company announced its decision this week at Austin’s DigIn Future of Insurance conference.

Gerber’s announcement revealed the company’s collaboration software for improving internal efficiencies. It tested the Virtual Assist software ahead of its decision to license it throughout its organization.

This tech is licensed by Allstate. It provides a vehicle owner or body shop employee with the additional capabilities for connecting with other body shop employees using real-time video and skill routing technology to decrease overall cycle time, improve capacity and enhance the customer experience.

Gerber benefits from this technology by implementing it across all its locations in the United States. In that way, team members from across the country can assist each other through their busiest times. Parts and labor decisions can be made in real time. This can significantly reduce customer wait times. As a result turnaround is faster for expert damage appraisals, bringing improved experiences for vehicle owners.

The real time features of Virtual Assist have the potential to significantly improve efficiency.

“Getting the right work to the right resource in real time creates an opportunity for us to handle the entire process during a single customer interaction,” said The Boyd Group president and chief operating officer, Tim O’Day. The Boyd Group is the Gerber Collision & Glass parent company. “This has the potential to be a game-changer for our business and the industry.”

O’Day went on to point out that personally identifiable customer information is neither retained nor shared through the use of Virtual Assist, said an Allstate Newsroom release.

The Boyd Group will also be using Virtual Assist for its Boyd Autobody & Glass shops, which are located across the western part of Canada. It will also add this tech to its Assured Automotive shops across the eastern portion of that Virtual Assist - Car Crash - Vehicle Damagecountry. That parent company is recognized as a collision repair innovator and the new tech aligns well with its current direction.

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