Frozen pipe insurance claims are highest in Illinois once again

Frozen pipe insurance claims - Frozen Pipe -Ice

For the second year in a row, the state has suffered the most claims for burst plumbing from freezing.

State Farm Insurance has released its data regarding frozen pipe insurance claims and has, once more, placed Illinois at the top of the list. That said, the state’s position at the top isn’t a coveted one. The reason is that it is for having filed the most claims filed regarding burst pipes due to freezing weather.

The insurer has taken the opportunity to share its stats and advice for home and business owners.

State Farm Insurance has pointed to Illinois for the second year in a row for the top number of winter water losses. No other state has had to file as many frozen pipe insurance claims as Illinois. The state’s residents and businesses were paid out a total of $28 million for burst frozen pipes alone, in 2018. The average claim cost in the state was nearly $18,000, reported a BND article.

As a result, State Farm has joined Illinois American Water in order to offer homeowners and other property owners some advice for protecting pipes. Burst pipes can be exceptionally costly and can cause widespread damage to property and to a structure. It’s worth it for consumers to take the time to find out how to prevent this from happening even during the coldest winters.

Use these tips to prevent having to file frozen pipe insurance claims this winter.

• On very cold days, leave a tiny drop of warm water can make all the difference. Faucets attached to pipes that run through exterior walls should be allowed to drip – particularly overnight – with hot water.
• Don’t turn down the thermostat too much overnight. In fact, on the coldest days and nights, it’s better to keep the thermostat set at the same level. This helps to prevent the building from getting any colder, risking frozen pipes.
• Leave under-sink cabinet doors open overnight to allow pipes without insulation to benefit from the heat in the rest of the room.
• If you’re headed away on vacation, don’t leave the thermostat set at anything below 55ºF.
• Have a friend or neighbor check on your house on a daily basis to ensure nothing has happened and to take preventative action if it looks like there is a chance of freezing.
• Shut off the water and drain all pipes.
• Leave all faucets turned on if you try to run the water but nothing comes out. Call a plumber immediately.
• Use a hair dryer, not an open flame or torch, to warm pipes. Start as close to the faucet as you can and work Frozen pipe insurance claims - Frozen Pipe -Iceyour way out from there.

By taking these steps, consumers in every state may be able to prevent making frozen pipe insurance claims.

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