From Breasts to legs, celebrities are taking out insurance coverage on their bodies

Holly Madison

Reality star Holly Madison has purchased a $1 million insurance policy with Lloyd’s of London to provide coverage on her breasts.

The 31year-old Madison stated that she took out this protection in order to provide greater security to herself and the other Peepshow participants.

She explained that she’d discovered that other celebrities have been taking out insurance on their body parts, and she decided “why not?, because if anything happened to my boobs, I’d be out for a few months and I’d probably be out a million dollars.”

The Las Vegas reality show has Madison appearing topless in several in its segments which, to Madison, means that the insurance policy could be important. That said, she also understands how eccentric this can seem.

She stated that she finds the entire situation to be amusing, and that her breasts are now receiving their due credit. She considers them her “primary money makers” at the moment.

Other body parts that have been insured by celebrities include the following:Holly Madison

• Moustache – Cricket player Merv Hughes ($317,000)
• Breasts – Actress Ornella Muti ($350,000), singer Dolly Parton (in the 1970s, $600,000)
• Waistline – Actress Bette Davis (in the 1930s, $28,000)
• Nose – Actor Jimmy Durante ($442,000)
• Eyes – Comedian Ben Turpin (in the 1910s, $25,000)
• Legs – Singer Rhianna ($1 million), model Heidi Klum ($2.2 million), actress Jamie Lee Curtis ($2.8 million), singer Tina Turner ($3.2 million), actress Betty Grable (in the 1940s, $1.2 million), soccer player David Beckham ($70 million), singer Mariah Carey ($1 billion)
• Hands – Guitarist Keith Richards ($1.6 million)
• Taste Buds – Food critic Egon Ronay (in the 1960s, $330,000), wine expert Angela Mount ($16 million)
• Chest Hair – Singer Tom Jones ($7 million)
• Smile – Actress America Ferrera ($10 million)
• Teeth – Comedian Ken Dodd (in 1989, $6.2 million)
• Voice – Singer Rod Stewart (in the 1940s, $6 million), singer Bruce Springsteen (in the 1980s, $5.7 million)
• Feet – Dancer Michael Flatley ($40 million)
• Buttocks – Singer Jennifer Lopez ($300 million)

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