Free Pokemon Go insurance available from Sberbank

pokemon go insurance

The largest bank in Russia is now offering free coverage for people who experience an injury from playing.

Sberbank, Russia’s biggest bank, is now offering free Pokemon Go insurance to its customers. The insurance policy will protect policyholders for claims up to 50,000 rubles (approximately $800) in the event of injury during play.

Pokemon Go injuries are becoming increasingly common as people move about while distracted.

As silly as this offering may sound, the large number of reported injuries shows it could have a purpose. The Pokemon Go insurance provides coverage for players who are using the app and experience an injury. According to the Sberbank Life Insurance CEO, Maksim Chernin, “Given the fact that some countries have reported injuries of players who were catching Pokémon, we have developed a special product that will be free for players.”

This trend of Pokemon Go injuries is not exclusive to those in Russia. Players around the world are stepping into active lanes of traffic.  They also fall into bodies of water, walk into each other, and even causing car crashes while driving.

The Pokemon Go insurance compensation will depend on the severity of the injury sustained.

pokemon go insuranceThe insurance policy cards will be given to Sberbank customers for free, say media reports. To activate the coverage, Pokemon Go players must visit a landing page. There, they can enter their player nickname, their actual name, their birth date, their address and their e-mail.

Chernin also stated that this service can be used as a financial literacy campaign. The idea is that the younger generation will learn about how they can benefit from coverage through this version that protects them while they play.

Furthermore, the bank stated that it will be installing special modules for PokeStops to draw both the monsters and the players to its offices. The modules allow for in-play transactions that cost $0.99 (100 Pokecoins). The modules will be activated for the length of the branch open hours. The Pokemon Go insurance is available to all the bank’s customers, for free. They must simply register for a policy in order to make it possible to make a claim in the event of an injury while playing.

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