Former President Barack Obama aims to boost Obamacare enrollment with new video

boost obamacare enrollment

The goal is to encourage more people – particularly young adults – to sign up before the deadline.

In an attempt to give Obamacare enrollment a shot in the arm, former President Barack Obama released an almost ninety second video on his social media accounts.

Obama hopes to correct the trend reversal in which fewer Americans have been signing up.

Within the video, Obama urged Americans, particularly young adults, to head to and start their Obamacare enrollment before the deadline on December 15. His video was shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The message was to the point and yet playful. It spoke to young adult Americans and referenced some of the previous promo videos and spots he has made to encourage the purchase of health insurance in previous years.

With Obamacare enrollments lagging, Obama hopes to draw attention to the looming deadline.

“I think you’ve proven that you don’t need to see me taking jump shorts or sitting between a couple of forest plants to know it’s important to have health insurance in case, God forbid, you get really sick or hurt yourself next year,” said the former president in his video.

The video has gone viral, with over three quarters of a million views on Facebook at the time this article was written. It had also achieved tens of thousands of likes and shares on that platform. The tweet had already achieved over 55,000 retweets within the first three hours of having been posted, said a CNN report.

This is far from the first time Obama has successfully promoted the open enrollment period for purchasing a health plan at the federal exchange. Last year, he made a video with a similar length that he shared on social media in which he shared many of the advantages of Obamacare. Just before the close of the open enrollment period, he headed to social media once more where he shared a conference call in which he thanked several hundred of the navigators assisting consumers in selecting the right plan for their needs.

boost obamacare enrollment

This year, he has renewed his push to encourage Obamacare enrollment, particularly as the growth trend enjoyed over the last several years has now appeared to be heading in the opposite direction.

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