Ford partners with insurer to boost Allstate Milewise program enrollment

Allstate Milewise Program - Ford vehicle

The joint effort will help the automaker’s customers to sign up for the tracking program.

Ford Motor Co. has entered into a deal with the Allstate Milewise program that will open some of the automaker’s customers to this form of auto insurance.

This will allow them to track their driving behaviors in order to save money for safe driving.

Most Ford and Lincoln 2020 model-year vehicles that feature embedded modems will be compatible with the Allstate Milewise program connection. That program is currently available to drivers in 14 states across the country, according to the insurer’s own data. It makes it possible for drivers to prove their low-risk driving habits in order to save money on their premiums.

The auto company has been working with insurers to provide its customers with new feature opportunities. Among the companies with which it is working is Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co in order to connect some of its newest model vehicles with driver habit tracking programs. These allow the safest drivers to prove their low risk level so their premiums will decrease to reflect that.

The Allstate Milewise program can collect data directly from the vehicle instead of an external device.

Usage based insurance programs have existed for several years now. They are mainly based on telematic devices which connect to the vehicles or to apps in order to gather the necessary data. Allstate Insurance is moving to eliminate the need for those additional devices by connecting directly to the vehicle.

“Connected vehicles have the potential to deliver new benefits to Ford customers, including the ability to help lower their insurance premiums,” said the FordPass mobile program’s chief operating officer, Kari Novatney.

The insurance company has been working to broaden its offerings for driver tracking in order to share more discounts rewarding safe habits. Some of the new products will also make it possible for customers to pay by the mile. It has been testing a new offering that will make it possible for clients to be able to view the way their driving habits will impact the customized price they will pay.

The agreement between Ford and the Allstate Milewise program “gives drivers the ability Allstate Milewise Program - Ford vehicleto control and customize their auto insurance policy like never before,” said the insurer’s senior vice president of product management, Ginger Purgatorio.

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