Florida organizations receive funding to raise awareness of health insurance

Florida health insurance

Three organizations will use federal funding to raise awareness of insurance among consumers

Three organizations in Florida are set to receive $7 million in funding to promote health insurance among the state’s residents. The state’s insurance exchange will hold a new open enrollment period beginning in November of this year. During this period, consumers will be able to enroll for insurance coverage, some of which can be subsidized by the federal government. Awareness is currently one of the greatest challenges facing the exchange and the organizations aim to resolve this issue.

Awareness is necessary for state’s insurance exchange to continue finding success

The University of South Florida, Pinellas County Board of County Commissioner, and the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida are the organizations receiving funding. The funding is coming from the federal Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the country’s health insurance exchanges and the enactment of the Affordable Care Act’s provisions. The funding will be used on awareness campaigns that will provide information to consumers interested in insurance coverage.

Florida finds success with its insurance exchange but wants to see more people enrolled

Florida health insuranceFlorida led other states in terms of enrollment in federal insurance exchanges. During the last open enrollment period, the state reported that nearly 1 million people signed up for insurance coverage through its exchange. The exchange did experience some technical problems that made it impossible for some people to sign up for coverage, but these problems were resolved relatively quickly. Enrollment in the state’s exchange is likely to increase during the next open enrollment period due to increased awareness among consumers.

Awareness may be one of the most significant challenges facing health insurance in Florida

Many people know what an insurance exchange is, but they do not know about the services being offered through exchanges that they can take advantage of. During the last open enrollment period, consumers were made aware of subsidies being offered by the federal government. These subsidies are meant to offset the total cost of health insurance policies. Many people in Florida are currently receiving these subsidies for their insurance coverage.


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