Florida legislators mull over ban on texting while driving

Texting While DrivingFlorida lawmakers are considering a new legislation that would ban texting while driving. The state’s Legislature has been staunchly opposed to such laws in the past. Last year, a similar proposal did not survive the legislative process, as it was seen as a “silly law” by lawmakers. Insurers are torn on the subject of banning texting whilst driving as there is little evidence that suggests the ban would make the activity safer. This time, however, the opposition against the bill seems to have vanished.

Senate Bill 416 has not been met with any opposition at present and is scheduled for a final vote from the Legislature in the coming months. If opposition continues to be lackluster, the bill is expected to become law by the beginning of 2013. Insurers argue that the ban would not encourage drivers to put away their mobile devices while on the road. Drivers may simply position their devices so that they are out of view, allowing them to continue texting. This, however, would become much more dangerous, because such positions require an exorbitant amount of attention.

Texting while driving is a serious distraction and has led to some horrific accidents and even loss of life. Insurers are keen to reduce the risks of drivers being distracted, but are not so eager for legislators to adopt laws that could make an already dangerous situation much worse.

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